Mr. Xavier

Mr. Xavier was the oldest of six children, born to Mr. and Mrs. James A. Scroggins of Baltimore, Maryland. His parents strongly encouraged their children to strive for excellence and "think outside of the box." They were able to determine, when their son was a small boy, that he was talented and unusually gifted with a keen memory for people, places, historical events and opportunities for change. Since his youth, he has always shown exceptional drive and ambition to excel above the norm. While a young teen, he was one of the first African American youths to be selected for dancing on The Kirby Scott Television Dance Show. This unusual opportunity propelled him into exploring the world of show business and expanding his horizons to become an entrepreneur.

It was in the early 1980's that Xavier and his childhood friend, Darryl Jones, decided that they would become entrepreneurs and pursue their first business venture. They determined that in the show business world, fur coats were in great demand and Xavier saw this first hand while he toured the country working with concerts showcasing famous performers. He and Darryl decided that this was an excellent opportunity for them to provide supply for the tremendous demand for beautiful and extravagant furs that could be made by African Americans and be less expensive. It was at this point that they created their first white mink coat. Though there were flaws, they were unaware, because they proudly showed their fur coat at concerts, major events and private parties all over the country. Being encouraged, Xavier began to investigate and seek mentorship from local furriers and furriers in New York. It was at this point that he began to integrate his travel with the concerts into traveling to Chicago, Alaska, Canada and back and forth to New York while learning and delving more into developing his skills and expertise into the trade and business of a furrier as shared by the masters in the fur business that he had grown to respect and emulate.

Xavier, though still very young, caught the eye and attention of a well known African American entrepreneur in Baltimore, Maryland by the name of Mr. Baker, who owned a chain of beauty salons and numerous properties. With the approval of Xavier's parents, Mr. Baker provided business training opportunities for Xavier to learn various aspects of customer service and how to effectively develop a business. With Mr. Baker's support and financial investment, Xavier began to expand in the purchase, design and development of fur coats, while branching out to open beauty salons and promote concerts. It was at this time that he became a proud owner of several popular night clubs. Though Darryl and Xavier parted after they decided that they sought different career directions, Xavier continued to pursue his love for the expansion of Xavier Furs. Knowing that Xavier had acquired some of the most beautiful furs to be found anywhere, his aunt Betty J. Glascoe, President and CEO of BJG Enterprises, LLC, took on the responsibility of V.P. of Marketing for Xavier Furs and promoted his furs at the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Fashion Show as well as their Golf Tournament. This wonderful relationship lasted for several years. In the mean time Xavier International Furs has promoted, sold and

Successfully provided furs for fashion shows in Las Vegas, Nevada; the NAACP National Convention; The Howard University Homecoming Alumni Fashion
Show, The 100 Black Women Fund Raiser, The Black Dental Association Fashion Show, The Associated Black Charity Auction, The CIAA Conference and many other opportunities to show and sell furs to the American Public. Xavier continues to seek challenges and develop the fur and coat business on an international level. His insatiable desire to excel affords Xavier International Furs to soar.

By: B.J.Glascoe

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